A couple refused to abandon a stray puppy they came across at a gas station while traveling.


Ana and her companion were on a cross-country car journey for ten weeks. They only made a quick pit stop at a gas station near Moniker to visit a convenience shop. They were approached by a dog that appeared to be seeking them specifically.

They were contacted shortly after by a local who claimed to be feeding stray dogs. She then began gushing everyone about how great the dog was and how much she needed a home. or at least a respectable hostel.

We decided to bring her to our place after just a few minutes of traveling with her in the vehicle, Ana continues. The young dog turned out to be quite loving and gentle. Her given name was Moniker. Moniker appeared to be 7 months old or younger.

She cherished every moment she spent with Ana and her friend as if to express her gratitude for being included. When Ana and her friend arrived at the house, Moniker adapted quickly. She now possesses a sizable home, several toys, and everything she was previously ignorant of. What a joyful tale.

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