A dog becomes the foster mother to around 100 babies after losing her best cat friend.


A few years back, this dog, Zigzag, was found in Oregon on the street. Six months later, Daria, a worker at the shelter, made the decision to bring Zigzag there. She had long since realized that Zigzag acts significantly differently from the other canines in the shelter.

Daria previously had several cats as pets, but Zigzag quickly picked up on their language. Spending a lot of time in the shelter with Daria, Zigzag quickly formed a motherly attachment to a small kitten that was brought in one day. With the kittens, Zigzag was incredibly kind and gentle.

She acts like a giant, warm toy and lets them tramp all over her. Daria claims that Zigzag provides the kittens with more than just basic care; she also seems to be aware of their individual needs.

When the kitten is agitated, the mother won’t frequently approach him but will instead lie still, giving him time to become used to her presence. The kitten will paw and lick it all over if it has been socialized. Over the years, Zigzag has cared after more than a hundred kittens in this way.

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