A kind guy adopts a cat from a shelter, and the cat soon becomes his constant companion.


This story will persuade you that a cat and a person may fall in love at first sight! A man named Lucas took care of and provided refuge for a cat. The cat expressed gratitude. Every time he hugs his savior now, it feels like a final farewell.

We removed him and his sister from the shelter. They were three months old. This red pretzel started to approach me virtually every minute as I was looking for milk. Since the moment they first met, Melon has been with his human father.

He keeps stepping on me, getting stronger against me, and trying to blend in with me. Nothing else exists for which I would swap it. Melon is happiest while hugging his beloved Lucas. When Lucas gets home, he immediately envelops Melon.

They are inextricably linked! In the mornings, Lucas enjoys being caressed by his favorite cat. Every time, Melon places himself in his arms as if it were the last time. Lucas is such a decent person. Don’t you think they both deserve one another?

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