A little animal was found napping amid books by the librarian.


A small-town librarian was sorting books when she noticed something napping in a quiet area of the library. It was not unusual to see someone reading, so she was shocked to discover a little brown bat fast sleeping.

She didn’t want to wake him up, so she proceeded to phone a colleague to check what she thought the animal was. Ten minutes after the librarian made a call to the local animal welfare group, a police officer showed there.

The library staff was able to capture a few images of the cat loving the books, and the policeman politely agreed to wait.

A bat, that is. It’s still unclear how the animal arrived to that location to sleep. Bats are sometimes welcomed visitors at libraries because they eat insects that might otherwise devour the old volumes.

However, the Library did not need the bats’ aid, so they were released back into the wild. Perhaps the adorable creature wished to read a book? I would characterize this as a remarkable occurrence. What are your thoughts on this?

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