A nurse goes above and beyond her job requirements by adopting a patient’s dog from a shelter.


This man in his sixties was admitted to the hospital. He missed his dog, who was his greatest buddy. The only thing that gave the guy solace was his friendship with the nurse. He enthralled the nurse by daily displaying images of his cherished pet.

The owner ultimately located the dog and took it in 12 years ago. The man spent every day with the dog, so saying goodbye to her was difficult. The information he heard, though, was considerably worse than simply being split.

He would never see the dog again since the animal shelter had removed him. The nurse was unhappy to see her patient’s condition deteriorating. The nurse went to a dog shelter with a painting of the dog that she had created. She had no clue which shelter her patient’s companion had been transferred to, but she was ready to walk by every one.

The nurse didn’t seem surprised by the quantity of work that needed to be done. finally got to meet the dog. To prevent the puppy from feeling depressed, the female started taking him to work with her so they could hug and even play a little.

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