A stray dog returns with friends to smash his automobile after being booted by a motorist.


Finding a beautiful parking space is a great delight for a driver. It seems sensible that car owners get irate when someone else takes their position. This is the account of a man who repelled an unruly beast. On the other hand, it appears like karma has finally caught up with him. The man returned after a lovely trip to find that his parking place had been stolen.

Not just anyone, but a stray dog. He must have believed that this was going to be his new house. After a long trip, the driver got out of the car and kicked the dog in frustration. He decided to leave his parking place as a result.

The dog ran away in terror. The man was sure he had driven the dog away for good and that it might now live somewhere else.

The dog, though, adopted a different approach. An idea for revenge was “concocted” by a furious dog. He was determined to exact revenge on the driver for his callousness. The dog made his way back to the parking space with a few of his animal friends. They made such a ruckus that the man had to get out of bed and see what was happening outside.

The motorist was surprised by what he saw. The dogs were teasing the automobile. They have already chewed on it, doing hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage. This is also a good reminder that animals should never be harmed or insulted in any way.

Furthermore, any wrongdoing, whether committed by a person or a canine, will unavoidably come back to bite the perpetrator.

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