After discovering the owner of the cat, a lady looks for them and then realizes her error.


A woman heard a cat near her house after it became entangled in a fence. She helped her and then decided to take the cat home so that it would be safe from the neighbor’s dogs. She also published an internet ad to quickly find the animal’s owners.

But the stray cat wasn’t interested in making pals. The woman kept posting updates, describing the cat’s extreme silliness. She continued by saying that she would give the animal to a shelter if the owner could not be found right away.

I’m certain the cat belongs to someone else, but if no one responds, I’ll have to put her to a shelter. People on the Internet luckily alerted the woman that she needs to get away from the animal as soon as possible since this is a real lynx.

After the woman’s story had a happy ending, she threatened to send the lynx to the haters who had just written her nasty comments in reaction to her news. What would you do in her position?

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