Boy, age 9, started providing food for stray animals: At the age of 13, he already has his own home.


Kenny, who is 13 years old, runs his own animal sanctuary. But it goes without saying that it takes time to set up a refuge for stray cats and dogs. On his way to school when he was nine years old, Kenny spotted a pack of stray dogs. The youngster wanted to help them.

Kenny began accumulating his parents’ money for his pocket. He did it so he could buy stray dogs food.

A group that lived close to his school was fed by the young man. Naturally, a nine-year-old youngster would not be able to keep his non-payment for meals in the school cafeteria a secret from his parents for very long.

Eventually, Kennie’s father went after his son. When the man watched the youngster doing what he was doing, he was moved and proud of him. He captured many images and posted them online. Little Kenny had done so many nice deeds that people began giving him contributions of animals.

These activities founded the shelter. Kennie’s shelter began operating in 2014. The refuge, which a youngster founded with parental assistance and funding via social media, is a genuine benefit.

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