The last dog to leave the shelter, he finally beams as he returns home.


Capone the dog spent several years at a refuge. He continued to walk for seven years, but he never found his owners. He was able to establish connections with several of the animals in the shelter. However, because these puppies were young and little, adoption was not too difficult.

He did, in fact, track out his owners a few years ago, but he didn’t stay with them for very long; as a consequence, he was sent back to the shelter. The dog was initially reluctant to talk to anybody, but with time he began to trust the employees at the shelter.

The personnel at the shelter did their best to help him locate housing. As a result of their efforts, his photos were often posted on social media. The pair took on the dog as their own. Even a pendant with her name on it was ready when they got to the shelter to pick him up.

Capone’s capacity to adapt to his new environment worried the shelter workers, but it was evident after the initial encounter that the dog was delighted to have new owners.

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