The Owl hugs the person who previously saved her.


A man brought an owl named Gigi to the veterinarian. She was saved by a compassionate man who saw her by chance. The owl was so appreciative of Dave that she couldn’t stop embracing him when he returned from his vacation. This bird was one of the most significant ones we’ve ever taken care of.

The most effective person to look for Gigi is Dave. Without Dave, the therapy would not have been feasible. She knows him well and has great trust in him. It’s the assured look on his face.

In their words, “I have never seen someone have such a connection to these magnificent creatures in all my years of working with birds.” Gigi had complete faith in Dave. Gigi was ecstatic when Dave returned after a trip to see family. She started to dance, but couldn’t keep her arms away from him.

Observing him interact with these birds, they said, “really makes me feel emotional.” What an amazing story, huh? What do you think? What do you think this tale merits? Inform us in the comments.

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