The rescued pig and cat have become the best of friends and are essentially inseparable.


Did you meet them? Here, we see Lara, a pig, and Maria, a cat. At the Interspecies Equality Sanctuary in Chile, they were both saved by animal rights campaigners. When Maria was a newborn, a nice stranger who came to her help took her up on the street.

She was just a few days old at the time, and it was clear that the infant wouldn’t wake up until dawn. Lara, though, had the same fate. She was born in a less-than-ideal location, despite being saved and given refuge.

When they first encountered one another in the refuge, they embraced. We will also give credit to individuals who save our canine companions in the hopes that their deeds will serve as an example for others. So many of our little companions suffer every day as a result of other people’s deeds.

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