This adorable little calf was reared with three dogs and believes himself to be one of them.


The birthplace of this cow is a dairy farm. He was really feeble, and the calf was going to be killed. When a local heard about this, he decided to change the young calf’s destiny.

The animal was bought and taken to her property. The calf needed particular care and nutrition, but knowledgeable farmers knew what to do and took care of him with the assistance of a nearby veterinarian.

The infant developed a tight bond with the dogs on the farm, to the point that he started to view them as his brothers and himself as a pup.

He played catch with them, drank from their bowls, and slept on their beds with his muzzle on his front legs—not like a cow. He also did everything else the dogs did. He asked for his ear to be rubbed, something that cows seldom ever do. He developed a close relationship with a dog friend. When the calf became ill, the dog stayed by his side for hours as if it were his own.

Little cow was kept in a playhouse in the back yard since the property is situated in a flat, rolling area where cougars and coyotes are common. However, he was always glancing out the windows, jealous of the dogs that were let inside.

One day the woman accidentally left the door to the courtyard open; when she came back, she saw a pretty hilarious scenario. The cow has been sleeping on the couch ever since with his sibling and closest friend. To the calf’s advantage, no one can resist his charm, so his owners are eager to overlook his transgressions and make jokes about him. He was lucky to be in good hands.

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