A Horse Says His Best Friend Goodbye During His Funeral


In actual life, Sereno, Wagner Figueiredo de Lima’s beloved horse, and he were loyal friends. However, tragically, their time together came to an abrupt end.

Lima passed away earlier this week as a result of injuries he received in a car accident . Everyone he knew was saddened by his passing, especially his best friend, whom he left behind.

Dozens of Lima’s loved ones and friends gathered on Tuesday for a funeral procession in Lima’s honour.  Knowing how much his horse had meant to Lima, Wando, his brother, considered it only fair that Sereno should be present as well.

However, nobody expected what occurred next.

When the truck carrying Lima’s coffin arrived, Sereno seemed to realise that his friend had actually departed.

“Sereno began to smell the coffin and around it. Attendee Kyioshi Abreu told The Dodo that the speaker then neighed. It was a really strong sensation. The crowd as a whole was moved. I too started crying as I witnessed that situation.

Sereno then crouched down and leant his head against the casket.
Wando said everything depended on his relationship with this horse. The horse seemed to know what was happening and wanted to wave goodbye.
When Lima was finally taken to his final burial place. Sereno followed the other mourners as they did.

Wando then adopted his late brother’s horse into his own family


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