An infant giraffe who had been abandoned by her mother made friends with a dog at the wildlife refuge.


The animal world never ceases to astonish people. How kind and caring they are, both toward one another and their own people. There are so many stories of strange alliances between different animals.

Social media users loved this story of a dog and a juvenile giraffe who developed a strange connection. Unluckily, the mother of a newborn giraffe abandoned her.

To help the baby giraffe, people went to the refuge.

Rock couldn’t stand up by herself since she was too little, so she was fed from a bottle. The personnel at the sanctuary did everything they could to help the animal.

However, Rock benefited greatly from the care and compassion of another supporter and soother who was present at the refuge. A lovely dog named Halter stood by Giraffe all the time, serving as her protector.

The dog assumed the role of the young giraffe’s adoptive parent. Amazing relationship was formed between two animals. At this point, Halter and Rock were close friends. Everyone at the refuge praised their unique and beautiful friendship.

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