Julia Roberts, 55, changed the way she looked: The majority of supporters are happy, yet just half of them are


You understand that spring is a season of rebirth. The actress unexpectedly decided to experiment with her look and change her hairdo as a result. Not everybody who followed the celebrity, though, believed the new image was successful. A recent issue of Us magazine included fresh photos of the renowned Pretty Woman star with a new appearance.

Some of the actress’s admirers were not especially fond of the celebrity’s hairdo. It seems, though, that her reaction was in no way humiliating. First, after suffering through a challenging period in their marriage, the actress ultimately repaired her connection with her spouse.

However, there was rumor of their inevitable breakup quite some time ago. In any event, the pair successfully celebrated their tenth anniversary of marriage last year. Additionally, everything in her personal and professional lives is currently in order. The 55-year-old performer continues to give strong performances in movies.

Simultaneously, her family’s financial strategy has recently been successfully updated at the expense of film, but also with funds set aside for participating in the promotion of brands that cover her major expenses.

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