Maddox, the oldest child of Angelina Jolie, is handsome when he makes public appearances.


The actress recently made an appearance in public with her oldest kid, much to the joy of her admirers. The viewers of the picture believed that he has matured and improved much in appearance. He seemed elegant in his long black jacket, color-coordinated thin slacks, and white shirt and tie.

She walked next to her child while donning distinctive white from head to toe, and she almost shone with pride. Remember that in 2018, when he was choosing where to continue his studies after graduating, her eldest son, whom she adopted and removed from Cambodia in 2002, traveled to South Korea for the first time with his mother.

Additionally, despite the fact that, according to her, a few institutions were willing to accept him, he chose Yonsei. In 2019, he left his mother’s home and moved into a hostel in Seoul, where he is currently residing.

In 2020, he returned to Los Angeles and completed a full year of distance learning. But in 2021, the actress’s son returned to Korea. As a consequence, he was thrilled to see his mother at the banquet again because it had been a while.

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