Man now owns the clumsiest dog in the world, and he’s extremely happy about it.


Mike Ross just won the title of “world’s clumsiest dog owner” according to social media users. The two-year-old boxer-malamute mix named Fila earned the prize for his entertaining antics, which his owner routinely documents on Instagram.

Due to his puppy-like exuberance and inherent clumsiness, Fila usually gets into intriguing tales, which makes his owner laugh. For instance, the dog’s encounter with a snake for the first time was funny.

Instead of barking or running from the snake, Fila just sat on it. I was shocked when he started sitting on the snake because he had never experienced one before.

When I saw this, I pulled it away right away and stopped recording. Mike made it clear.

These are only a very small percentage of Fila’s everyday encounters.

Mike loves the dog and is even proud of his new position as a pet since he makes so many people happy and grin, despite the fact that the dog’s clumsiness regularly causes Mike little troubles.

“I’m glad Fila can make so many people laugh. Fantastic, said Mike. How do you feel? What an adorable puppy, no?

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