A Chi became a guide dog for a larger dog out of love.


Age, ethnicity, color, and species distinctions are often ignored when two people become friends, and occasionally an emotional connection is made. The unexpected friendship that developed between a large Great Dane and a little Chihuahua is an illustration of this.

Bubba and Sheila Zinder became close when Sheila took in the pooch. Because her mother died during giving birth, she required hand feeding. Sheila adopted Shelly in 2017, after her previous owners had given up on her due to visual problems.

Each day, he had to take six different eye medications. When Shelly first saw her, Bubba was being bottle-fed, and he couldn’t stop gazing at her. As Bubba grew older, the pair started to communicate more, spend more time together, and play games, displaying their unique relationship.

Bubba is five and a half weeks old, says Sheila. The owner came to ask for help when his mother passed away. When I began bottle-feeding Shelly at birth, she would just observe the two of us while sitting still. What a sweet and loving relationship, don’t you think? Please tell us in the comments.

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