It’s tough to ignore the jumpsuit that Anne Hathaway wore: She caught everyone’s interest.


The actress recently appeared in a miniseries on the American coworking firm WeWork. As a result, Ann has begun appearing in public more frequently. She also often chooses clothing that are hard to notice.

In this manner, road photographers captured her in New York a few days ago as she made a beeline for the Stephen Colbert television program. The star wore an attire that caught the attention of paparazzi and everyone else. She wore a multicolored jumpsuit, broad trousers, and a belt that highlighted her waist.

She donned a beautifully colorful jacket over her outfit. A few hairs that framed her face were freed as the performer pulled her hair back into a pigtail. To avoid overpowering the appearance, she opted for standard cosmetics and mostly avoided jewels.

Additionally, Ann just started wearing overalls frequently. I have no idea how to compare this outfit to anything else,” ‘For a genuine talk show, that’s it, but I wouldn’t be able to go out like this,’ one fan of the actress commented in the comments.

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