Welcome the magic Puduu, the world’s tiniest and cutest deer.


These little critters resemble household dogs in size. There are two distinct species of puduus, both of which may be found in Brazil. The southern Puduu is native to Argentina and Chile, whereas the northern Puduu is native to Lima, Caracas, Quito, and Bogota.

They are only between 11 and 15 inches tall. Puduu, like the majority of grazing animals, are vegetarians and solely consume leaves as sustenance. Puduu are cautious creatures, always on high alert. They run in zigzag motions.

They are also excellent for climbing and leaping when necessary. These lonely creatures may be found in the darkest forests of South Australia, where they build a sophisticated system of pathways to help them move through the underbrush.

The only time puduu are seen together is in the autumn, just before they give birth to one or more fawns in the spring. Antlers that resemble those of their bigger siblings help male Puduu stand out from the crowd.

Even when we don’t expect it, nature never ceases to amaze us. Did you know that there is a creature like that? Please tell us in the comments.

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