Goose stayed at the side of his savior and went everywhere with him after being saved.


Naturally, dogs come to mind while discussing our animal companions’ loyalty. But the protagonist of our tale is as faithful as a dog. Meet Bucky, a goose who acts like a real pet and follows her human buddy wherever she goes.

They are the best of friends, and their special bond is wonderful. When Michael decided to spend the beautiful day on his boat, he unintentionally came across something in the water that seemed to need help straight immediately.

Her mother had abandoned a tiny gosling, which was what she found. Michael, who also took the animal to his home, was the one who saved her. On that day, he started taking care of the cute gosling, Bucky.

She reportedly developed an unhealthy attachment to Michael since he was such a caring, supporting, and kind friend to her. Currently, Bucky goes everywhere her father goes. They are the best and closest of friends and will always be.

Bucky enjoys watching TV with her owner and is a nice buddy. On social media, Bucky is well-known and has more than 130,000 followers.

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