Rare, cute, and in danger of going extinct are Li Pikas, often known as “magic rabbits.”


You may have never heard of this gorgeous, raccoon-like species of animal, but get ready to fall in love. Scientists know very little about these creatures that resemble teddy bears.

A environmentalist named Li Pika visited Shuchang in northwest China in 1984. The area where it was initially found is known as Li Pika. Between 2,900 and 4,500 meters above sea level, these adorable creatures live in holes.

They are really tiny, yet their tenacity allows them to endure any conditions. They consume plants that grow in the Tai Shan highlands. The population has dropped by 80% since its discovery, most likely as a result of global warming.

Shuchang, a 61-year-old man, made the decision to research Li Pikas after seeing that no one wanted to help these cute creatures. The squad consisted of 22 people. It was their obligation to be aware of their species’ diversity and number.

The creature was given the moniker “magic rabbit” by the crew. If the government or some organization doesn’t safeguard these incredible animals, people will only be able to see pictures of them.

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