“Looks 39 years old at 69!” Christie Brinkley Revealed Her Youth Secret


Local admirers were puzzled as to how the actress managed to retain her youth.
Even when she isn’t using makeup, she seems much younger than her age.

Several people in the comments wondered how old she was. Someone mentioned thirty, forty, and even twenty-five.

Yet it’s difficult to imagine Christie is over seventy years old. “There is nothing to hide,” the actress rushed to reveal the secret of youth.

Everything should be done only for your own convenience. You dye your hair, see a beautician, participate in sports, or eat healthily – all for your own enjoyment. You’ll be successful once you’re at ease in your own skin.”

“A woman of any age wishes to remain a woman: beautiful and appealing.

And she succeeds whether she is made of plastic or not. This is a lot of effort on your part. Bravo”, “understand the need and want to feel forty at the age of sixty-nine. But why bother looking? Yet appearance and emotion are not the same”, “Take care of your form, we’ll make your face,” as the French say.

“This is a sport, and it’s made of plastic!” You’re a good girl. Not just that. The most essential thing, in my opinion, is to have a good mindset. “The delight she wrote about,” “Well done!” Great! The more we hear about youth and beauty, the younger we shall become. It’s motivating, netizens said in the comments.

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