Excellent angle! Kim Kardashian walked up the stairs while posing in a bathing suit.


In the final days of February, the 42-year-old actress and model Kim Kardashian demonstrated to her 346 million followers what the ideal Friday should include.

The well-known model uploaded a series of fresh, unedited images taken by her sister Kendall Jenner to Instagram, showcasing her seductive curves. The creator of the lingerie line Skims posted many pictures of herself barefoot on a sandy beach and posed while deftly ascending wide concrete stairs.

The attractive woman stayed on the lower steps, gazing up into the lens of the camera through the enormous sunglasses’ dark lenses. Kim simply wore a little snow-white bathing suit, which had a triangular-shaped bikini top and matching thong-style bottoms. The photos provided a breathtaking image of the area when taken from the top angle.

Kim quietly took shots at her sister by signing the picture, “Long arms@kendalljenneron the lens.” When she released a candid shot in which her arm appeared improbably lengthy, she later came under ridicule. Others even referred to Kendall Jenner’s hand as “alien” and accused her of using photoshop.

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