A stray ginger cat becomes best friends with a lonely truck driver.


Jack is a truck driver. He’s spent a lot of time on the road with his cat Wally. When the cat died, Jack became upset. The man decided to adopt a cat from a shelter because he missed his friend while traveling for a long time.

A worker at the shelter showed Jack the ginger cat Maple, who had previously been a street cat. Despite its troubled upbringing, the cat turned out to be loving. The cat was brought inside by the man.

The initial train transporting Maple traversed the Midwest for two weeks. On his route to Indiana, the man stopped in Ohio. Maple jumped from the cab, flew after the bird, and then disappeared.

Jack searched for him but couldn’t find him. He was left without a cat. Jack posted a comment about Maple being missing on his Facebook page.

People tried to help him by calling Ohio shelters. When Jack arrived at Virginia, Maple appeared from under the car.

The cat managed to stay inside the truck. Jack now keeps an eye on the cat when he opens the cabin door. Maple and Jack have been together for two years.

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