By holding his newborn sister in his arms while she sleeps, Husky wins hearts.


Milena has lived with July the husky since she was a baby. Milena also adores July a great deal. She chuckles and smiles when she sees her. Despite the fact that July is a large, fluffy dog, Milena is not in the least bit frightened of him. Our infant Milena is ecstatic to see my husky July!

Because they adore each other so much, all they want to do is snuggle! They always sleep together, a parent posted on YouTube. Milena’s parents believed that July and Milena’s intimate bond had a deeper significance, nevertheless. This is due to their perception that July sees herself as Milena’s mother.

“I suppose my husky thinks my baby is his puppy,” Milena’s parents said. Kids are seen by them as someone they can play with and who will be considerate of them. Children are supposed to benefit from owning dogs.

A female dog will give birth to a human kid as if it were her own and will protect it. Milena was so comfortable that she fell asleep soundly with her closest buddy. They are so lovely that they have millions of fans across several social media sites.

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