Matthew McConughey’s wife nearly passed away: The event involving his beloved gave the actor a lot of concern


Matthew McConughey is under a lot of pressure as a result of an incident that his wife, Camilia Alves, was engaged in. The reality is that Mrs. McConaughey was in immediate risk of dying. The mother of the children of the movie star narrowly avoided death on a recent Lufthansa flight.

The general public was informed that a plane flying from Austin to Frankfurt had to make an emergency landing in Virginia because of technical problems. Additionally, the fact that nobody on board, including Camila, was killed in this disaster is a miracle.

The actor’s wife shared a video of the appalling condition of the cabin after the incident on social media. According to the actor’s wife, the jet crashed into a very deep air hole as it was traveling over Tennessee. In a couple of seconds, it also dropped about a kilometer.

Then there was a horrible turbulence. According to witnesses, the force almost caused the jet to disintegrate in the air. Thankfully, the crew was still able to do an emergency landing. Landing was, however, quite challenging. Seven of them also required hospital transportation.

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