10 years after the fame: how has changed the life of the beautiful girl Honey Boo Boo after winning the beauty contest


When this little girl appeared on the TV screen, she captivated all viewers with her lively character and outstanding appearance. Honey Boo Boo delighted the audience at the beautiful children contest, where she took the main prize. There was no doubt that she would be the favorite. The audience was delighted with the child. Alana effectively posed for the camera, all her appearances caused a strong reaction from the public. And the coronation at this competition was only the beginning of her modeling and television career.

The little girl then started hosting her TV show ”Here Comes Honey Boo Boo”. From here came her nickname, which everyone remembered and liked. Growing up, the girl didn’t disappear from TV, at times she participated in various programs. But her real life was far from a happy fairy tale.

With her teenage period, it turned out that the beautiful girl was changing, and not for the better. Alana began to have difficulties with being overweight, and besides, there is a hereditary factor: her mother and sisters suffer from high obesity.

Alana is 17, she will soon graduate from school and go to study at a university as a doctor. Her dream is to work with babies, to be a nurse. She is still “starring as a star”, but her life plans surprise many immensely. And Alana also wants to be loved as a person, and not as a pop star Honey Boo Boo. For several years now, she has been asking everyone around her to address her by her real name and surname. In fact, she has no girlfriends and friends with whom she could talk heart to heart.

But not everything is so sad, the girl already has a fan. His name is Drelyn Carsville, he is four years older than Alana and supports her in everything. The girl feels joyful and happy, forgets about her problems being with him.

The girl is growing up and becomes wiser, and one can only rejoice about this, because not all star children were able to overcome this difficult period painlessly.

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