After Bruce WiIlis revised the will, Demi Moore obtained his daughters’ inheritances.


The 67-year-old actor has a good mind. The will was written by WiIlis many years ago. He still had to make the corrections to the document in 2009, a few days after the actor’s marriage to a fashion model and before he received the diagnosis.

His extended relatives shouldn’t be alarmed: He is said to be $250 million rich overall. The Hollywood star, though, left each of his three eldest daughters only one million dollars. According to a publishing source, this choice was made because the man feels that he has always supported women financially.

Additionally, they don’t require money because they have already achieved considerable success in the entertainment sector. Demi Moore has $200 million in her account, so she won’t abandon her girls without providing for them. The majority of his money is owned by his current wife, their two daughters, and their real estate.

There are also no requirements for arguments over the choice of such a family leader. Because they spend so much time together, the actor’s spouses and kids routinely share pictures of themselves together. Is this clever or merely cruel? How do you feel?

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