She has a variety of colored eyes, making her one of the most beautiful and unusual albinos in the world.


Avina, who is just 11 years old, has heterochromia, which causes her eyes to be in various hues, in a very odd way. Additionally, they have somewhat different hairdos. As a result, one side of the hair is chestnut while the other is snow-white. The eyes function similarly. The skin of the girl is also snow-white, like that of an albino.

Her eyelashes have a lovely white color. On social media, the youngster continues to get praise for her extraordinary attractiveness. Avina currently lacks any social media accounts where she might post updates about herself or display her most recent photos.

Since she was a little child, the girl’s parents have made an effort to help her accept herself for who she is. They made it clear to her that she had a unique, unusual, and incredibly gorgeous appearance.

Avina’s photo shoot was then planned by the photographer, and the video clip went viral very soon. Several social media users also noticed Avina. To help others recognize the girl, they started praising her and sharing pictures of her. The young woman isn’t sure what kind of career she wants to pursue or who she wants to become in the future.

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