«There is only one wrinkle on me, and I’m sitting on it.» The narrative of Jeanne Calman, the ideal French woman…


You must spend your life in such a way that everyone in heaven exclaims, «Wow!»

«Wow, that was incredible!» «Try it again!»

This appears to have happened to Jeanne Louise Calman of France, who set a world record by surviving 122 years and 164 days. This is the story of an extraordinary woman whose life was followed not only in France, but around the world.

Jeanne Calman was born into a noble family in Orly. She was born in France. When Jeanne was eight years old, Edison had just invented the first electric light bulb. She was 14 years old when the Eiffel Tower was erected. She married an old family friend at the age of 21.

It’s difficult to believe, but Jeanne dated Van Gogh when she was younger.

In an interview on the renowned artist’s 100th birthday, she stated that he was filthy, ill-dressed, and angry.

Many people do not live to the age of 85, yet Jeanne Kalman not only did, but she also began fencing at that age. Didn’t you find that surprising? On her 100th birthday, this grandmother rode a bicycle. She appeared in a movie at the age of 115 and on the television show «Mistress of the Planet» at the age of 121.

«There’s only one wrinkle on me, and I’m sitting on it!» ― once said the world’s great-great-grandmother.

Jeanne continued to smoke until she was 117 years old. Not because she wasn’t feeling well. Just asking for a light irritated her, and she almost lost her sight each time.

Relatives said she enjoyed fiery spices and spicy dishes even in her final days.

«I love wine,» Kalman would say often.

Jeanne left no heirs because she outlived all of her children and grandchildren. At the age of 90, she made a bargain with Raffrey, a 47-year-old lawyer, that if he paid her rent every month until she died, he would have her house. According to estimates, the lawyer had to pay almost the same amount for ten years as the house was worth.

But, and this is where Jeanne’s luck came in, Raffrey not only paid her for 30 years, but he also died before she reached the age of 77. Not only that, but the contract required the wife of the deceased to continue making payments.

Kalman has lived longer than 17 different US presidents. When asked what the key to her long life was, she simply stated, «I don’t know.»

«Most likely because I’ve never had a job.»
Her hip injury made it difficult for her to walk for the final seven years of her life, yet she had a clear mind and an excellent memory till the end. A reporter said during one conversation:

«I’ll see you later!» Maybe next year…»

Kalman’s response was:

«However, why not?» You don’t appear to be in such awful shape!»

This elderly lady was feeble and harsh, yet she was always a fashion icon. She always wore a white shirt with black trousers and a pearl necklace around her neck.

«I think I’m going to die from laughing,» said the grandmother who couldn’t stop giggling.

When Jeanne died in her 123rd year, it appeared like both she and fate were smiling. This woman never gave up and faced life front on every day. And, as we all know, fortune favours the courageous, so she didn’t try to beat Kalman.

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