This girl has tattoos all over her body: here’s how she looks without them.


This girl has tattoos all over her body: here’s how she looks without them.

Becky Holt is one of the most tattooed ladies in the United Kingdom.

The girl feels herself to be a leader in terms of the amount of tattoos she has on her body. Because it is 95% covered in drawings.

Becky once considered how she might appear without her tattoos. It was just a matter of figuring out how to organise it.

Easy-peasy! Becky merely omitted a portion of the body and face.

Of course, since the tattooed woman became a sensation in her nation, she showed the results of the experiment to her fans.

Although tattoos are common nowadays, when they are so numerous, it is impossible not to notice a person.

It’s difficult to imagine that only 5% of the girl’s skin is unaffected by the drawings.

Tattoo enthusiasts would immediately recognise that such a body came at a high cost. And the girl doesn’t disguise the fact that it cost her over 35,000 pounds!

Becky has no idea how many drawings she has on her body.

Although Becky has not been officially designated as the most tattooed lady in the UK, she refers to herself as such. And no one challenges her!

She knows who her parents are. The girl drew a rose on her skin to honour her adored granny. On the website, you may also read quotes from various songs.

Becky is a huge fan of one particular film. She was so invested in this project that she committed a portion of one leg to it.

Becky explains that she began with simple sketches. She positioned them such that the tattoos could be hidden behind clothing.

But the hunger rose! As a result, the face has drawings on it.

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