A lost dog went to the clinic to seek assistance… View the video below


A lost dog went to the clinic to seek assistance… View the video below…

There was a veterinary office in the Brazilian city of Juazeiro do Norte where doctors saw a dog.

The dog entered the clinic on his own, and when a worker approached him, he extended his hand to indicate that something was amiss.

This arm had been injured, and a claw had developed into it. The animal was also infested with pests.

The doctors elected to keep the dog at the centre and help him because they cared for him. They not only fixed his paw and exterminated the pests, but they also examined him. The dog was discovered to have a malignant tumour in its genitalia.

The vets couldn’t simply abandon the lost puppy and let him die. The dog underwent surgery to remove the lethal tumour.

The cat received the first round of treatment as well. The treatment had a positive outcome. Dace Silva, a veterinary technician, said the dog appeared healthier and more lively.

However, the dog who had surgery will need to continue receiving treatment. The pet centre is trying hard to locate new owners for the animal who will care for it. There have already been numerous calls, but no one has come to the school to pick up their papers. As a result, the quest for somebody who will care for them continues.


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