Cockatoos in cities learn new tactics to get food: how they do it… Continue reading to learn more…


The birds have learnt a new talent and are getting better at it.

This bird was previously thought to live in Australia’s woods, but because it liked the food people fed it, it now lives in towns.

These birds began to drink from the stream and feed from the debris on a daily basis. They learned to perform all of this in the city and are still improving.

After humans toss away trash, the bird places a stone there. When the stone falls, the lid opens, allowing the bird to enter.

They even have a few novel methods for getting what they want.
However, men are well known for their ability to handle such situations. The majority of juvenile birds can open.
It appears to be a method for these birds to obtain food. They get along well with other birds and are intelligent. According to some scientists, they are as intelligent as chimps and can play the drums pretty well

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