Images of a woman luring young men to her with a flabby body in a little


Images of a woman luring young men to her with a flabby body in a little

Chantelle formerly held a regular sales position.

She claims she doesn’t care what other people think of her, an older woman who internet seduces young males.
An ex-salesperson by the name of Shantel Kitticat began modelling on the internet in July 2021. The 46-year-old Englishwoman found instant fame when she started posting photos of herself wearing skimpy clothing.

Chantel is very well-liked by males,
But even with this fact in mind, the woman receives scathing criticism.

The Englishwoman is continually reminded of her age by users, who also imply that she doesn’t look right for him.

Followers commented, “You are already too old for a mini,” “I wouldn’t show such a flabby body in a bikini,” “Stop being young,” “Why wear such revealing outfits,” and “You are 46, but you look like 66.”
Chantal makes a conscious effort not to respond when someone is unpleasant, telling herself daily that she is grateful for her career and her many young fans.
I worked a lot of unsatisfactory jobs.

I didn’t want to get out of bed as I was lying there. But today, everything has changed. Yes, those who are attempting to make me look bad.especially 20-year-olds, despite having loose skin, deep wrinkles, and tiny clothing. I was shocked at how appealing my age was to young men, Kitticat stated.
Yes, I receive a lot of hate mail from people trying to make me look bad, but this is my life and my body, the model remarked.
Despite everything, Kittycat’s family members support her in every way because they are aware of what she is doing. “My family is very supportive and totally aware of my professional decision.

Although some things are still private between me and my subscribers, they find some of my shenanigans to be very amusing, the blogger stated.

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