Anheuser-Busch was compelled to dispose of a large amount of unsold Bud Light… Continue reading to learn more…


Bud Light has been a failed business for a long time. All of that was supposed to change when they hired a new marketing director.

In a way, yeah. Sandy Batt, the new vice president of marketing, sought to promote the brand by enlisting the help of social media celebrities such as Dylan Mulvaney. The country, white, male, heterosexual individuals who liked the beer the most refused to participate.

Following a national boycott and a decline in sales that cost the company billions, they must now find out what to do with kegs of the product that will go bad today but have not been sold.

The alternative proposed by the corporation is to dispose of the kegs, which will cost millions of dollars.
“We have no other choice,” CEO Joe Barron stated. “If you let the beer go bad inside the kegs, it infects the barrels, and we have to buy new ones.” Those unsightly poplar trees are expensive.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert, a Republican, suggested that the corporation distribute the supplies to underprivileged people living on the streets. “Perhaps if they drink enough, they’ll stop using meth,” she stated of her close family. Furthermore, the street celebration would be insane.” She attempted to appear sexy by placing her hand on her side, but this reporter believes she had the hips of a 10-year-old boy.

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