In the US, a 10-year-old girl married a friend — and died after 12 days


The network believes that a film can be made based on this story.
10-year-old Emma Edwards struggled for a long time with a terrible diagnosis — leukemia. Parents did everything to cure their daughter. Together with them, the girl was supported by her best friend, Daniel Williams.

Soon the children fell in love with each other and the main desire of the sick Emma was to marry a friend and give birth to three children. It seemed that for this, her whole life was ahead, until Edwards’ parents were told something terrible at the end of June 2023 — she had no more than a month to live.

“Most kids want to go to Disneyland. But Emma wanted to get married, become a wife and have three children, ”the girl’s mother, Alina Edwards, shared with tears in an interview with the New York Post.

Then the father and mother did not waste time, but decided to fulfill the girl’s desire — to organize a real wedding for her. This moment was filmed by American TV channels: Emily’s dad led her to the altar, where Daniel was waiting for her․
By the time of the wedding, Edwards could no longer walk, moving on a holiday in a wheelchair. The ceremony was held in the traditional way. The children made vows to each other and shyly kissed each other.

In total, about a hundred people attended the event, and it took place in the courtyard of Emma’s grandmother’s house. Literally 12 days after the wedding, the girl died.

This story turned out to be so touching that it found a lot of understanding on the net. Users expressed sympathy for the girl because of the illness and thanked her parents for the holiday.

“At first it seemed strange to me, but now I’m crying. It’s so touching», «This girl deserves happiness even in the last minutes», «This story breaks into tears. I sympathize with the parents, ”said Internet users.

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