“Shaq O’Neal’s act surprised everyone”: as a generous gesture, he provided a huge family…


He is well-known for doing good.

Shaq, 49, is one of the richest players in the league. He spends money on himself and his family, but he also gives back to others. In fact, he is well-known for his goodness, and many of his acts of kindness have gone viral.

Eleven people from a Texas family known on Instagram as “The Collins Kids” participated in Shaq’s final act of kindness.

Karissa, 36, commented on Instagram and Facebook, “It was so much fun to just hang out and eat dinner with him.”

Shaq, on the other hand, didn’t want it to end with a simple meal. The next day, he drove his family to a Mercedes-Benz dealership and purchased a new 15-seat van for them.

“He had no idea we had outgrown our 12-seater van, and the air conditioner didn’t always work at full power, so this is such an amazing blessing,” Karissa, who is expecting her second child, said.

When the basketball player saw that their waitress had broken that day, he lavished the server with $1,000.

Mandrae, 38, had a truck that worked without air conditioning or heat for a while. Shaq had no idea, but when he saw the car, he decided to take his family to the Ford sales centre and buy a new truck for his father!

Shaq provided more than just meals and gifts to the family. He also offered them items that they were unable to see or touch.

Karissa explained how she and Shaq met in a message from January 12.

“A few months ago, he contacted me on Instagram and sent my kids a video about how much he loves to look at them and be called Uncle Shaq,” she explained.

Shaq expressed an interest in paying them a visit, which Karissa agreed to.

Shaq was in town for Karissa’s birthday, so he paid them a visit. She described the event as “surreal” because it occurs only once in a lifetime.
“He came to “Watch Your Mouth” and entertained the children. He loved them, encouraged them, entertained them, took photographs with them, gave them gifts, encouraged us as parents, and just loved us,” Karissa adds.

Shaq’s efforts to give back to the community are truly community-driven, and we should all strive to do the same in our own ways.

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