When two underprivileged children gave him the bill at a restaurant, the father was at a loss for words… Continue reading to learn more…


He ate his lunch and then gazed out the window. He didn’t have a million things to do for the first time in a long time, so he just wanted to take in the scenery. But the two toddlers who were licking their lips and watching other people eat affected him so much that he decided to treat them.

The two small children followed the adult. He handed them a menu and smiled as he asked what they wanted to eat. Because they didn’t understand, they put the menu down and pointed to the food he had ordered for himself. He summoned the waiter and requested two more of the same item.

The brother and sister exchanged glances before beginning to taste the soup slowly at first, as if they were terrified of something, and then with all their might. For dessert, he served them ice cream. After the kids left, the father got extra coffee since he felt he deserved it for doing something kind that day.

When the bill arrived, he was astonished to discover a note rather than the usual numbers:

“We won’t be able to save everyone!” But you managed to save two today! I’ve had my fill!»

The man took the message with him after giving it some thought. He now understood that good things do come full circle.

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