Because he was too big to dance, no one imagined he could. He leaves them speechless… View the video below…


Dance requires ability, elegance, and, most importantly, a tremendous deal of passion. This video’s primary character is a young man who demonstrates that you can do beautiful routines even if you don’t have the best body.

Dance is a highly refined art form that necessitates lightness, ease, and a great deal of elegance.

However, many individuals believe that it must imply being in excellent physical condition. But is that correct? The primary character in this video demonstrated that this was not the case. His body is neither slender nor flawless, according to classical dance norms, but his desire and inner strength have made him a very talented dancer, and he dances extremely well.
When this guy starts dancing, everyone in the room is sceptical and doubts he can put on a good display. Everyone is shocked when he, Aoniken Quiroga, and his partner, Alejandra Mantinan, begin dancing.

Their dance moves are light and rapid, and they complement each other wonderfully. The end result is a well-executed routine that is entertaining to see. This is an excellent example for those who wish to dance but do not have the appropriate body type.

Get a taste of the joy and beauty of rock and roll.


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