Carol Burnett is planning a large NBC special to commemorate her 90th birthday, and Julie Andrews will appear in it…


Carol Burnett, one of America’s most beloved performers, is preparing for a spectacular NBC event to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Burnett has had a long and successful career in television and comedy, which the show will honour.

One of the nicest aspects of the show will be when Burnett and her old friend and coworker Julie Andrews reunite.

Andrews and Burnett met in the late 1950s and eventually collaborated on several TV shows and films.

The two celebrities have remained friends throughout the years, so seeing them together again will be a highlight of the event.

The evening will also feature a number of other prominent celebrities and artists who will pay tribute to Burnett’s incredible career.
Burnett began her career in show business in the late 1950s, appearing on a range of variety shows and television events.

In 1967, she launched “The Carol Burnett Show,” a popular variety show that aired for 11 years.

The evening included sketches, musical acts, and cameos by a who’s who of Hollywood celebs.

Burnett’s blend of humour and razor-sharp sarcasm made her a famous figure for many years.

The upcoming NBC show will be an excellent way to commemorate Burnett’s incredible career and impact on American society.

Fans of the famed entertainer are looking forward to the concert, which promises to be a night of laughter, music, and partying.

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