He’s spent the majority of his life in foster care. At the age of 13, Time wishes to be someone’s son… Continue reading to learn more…


Many of us take for granted growing up in a happy household with our parents. Many people do not understand what it is like to have your parents take care of you the majority of the time.

A 13-year-old boy from Texas did not fare as well as most individuals. Tim was raised in foster care and now, as a young man, he has a very moving desire.

Tim was three years old when he was placed in foster care for the first time. He has been in foster care for over 10 years since no one has ever taken him in.

The adolescent recently appeared on a local TV show and stated that he was looking for a loving home to join.
Because he is so desperate to find a home, his handler was forced to fly him from another section of the state to the TV show. A Good Child Who Will Not Cause Problems

Tim is currently residing in a facility that cares for foster children. He has resided in a variety of foster homes over the years.

He has never found a permanent place to live that he can call home. He claims to be a very well-behaved youngster, so any family who takes him will have no problems.

“I’m a saint at home.” Perfect.”

Several photographs of Tim when he was younger were featured during the act.
He appeared to be three years old in one photograph. He had only recently begun living with a foster home.

His brilliant blue eyes pop out in a separate image of him when he was seven. According to the reporter, the infant still had enormous blue eyes, but they were a little tired.

According to the author, Tim was tired of wandering around in search of a family who would provide him with security, love, and consistency. Tim stated that these issues made it difficult for him to get enough rest at night. He said, “I felt like I was in a jail with no walls around it.”

The child stated that there were runaways in the foster care system, but they had to return home. The Ideal Family Residence Tim expresses his desire to live with a loving family and to have a place to call home. He does not want to be a part of a family that will one day decide he is no longer needed.

Tim wishes to be raised in a family that adores him and treats him as a member. He does not want to grow up in a family where he is solely cared for till he is an adult.

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