The Family of a Man Shot While Pointing a Gun at a Cop Demands Justice… View the video below…


Even though Cameron Lamb is no longer alive, his family continues to fight for him at every opportunity. The authorities were investigating a car accident when they noticed what appeared to be a red truck following what could only be described as a red mustang. Lamb was the owner of the truck in question, and officers tracked him down to his residence near 41st and College.

When the cops arrived in his yard, the 26-year-old appeared to be working on his automobile. According to reports, the first thing he did when he spotted the cops approaching was pull out a revolver and aim it at them. So the cop shot him, and he died within minutes.
It’s unclear why he tried to point a gun at them, although he might have assumed they were after him because of his racial colour. According to reports, the cops were dressed normally, but they also donned kevlar belts that said «police» on them.
According to the police, they were merely there to witness what was going on with the automobile chase. In order to obtain justice for what happened to Lamb, his family hired civil rights attorney Lee Merritt. The officer who shot him has since been placed on administrative leave, but his family believes it is insufficient and is still seeking justice.
Since then, the KCPD has stated that they would welcome the opportunity to meet with Merritt and address any concerns he may have regarding what occurred.


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