The girl’s lips were enlarged 20 times. It hurts to eat now, but she’s content because she believes she has the world’s largest lips…


This young lady’s mouth is quite large. It’s actually quite frightening. She resembles a cartoon version of herself, with characteristics that are difficult to pin down. The sole advantage of this type of setting is that it’s difficult to forget once you’ve seen it. Andrea stood out even amongst the same-old Instagram chicks.

The girl’s childhood ambition was to resemble a Barbie doll. Ivanova underwent more than 20 plastic operations to achieve the look she desired:

Changes to the lips and breasts, as well as the cheekbones and nose. She went from being a lovely young lady to a Barbie doll in a matter of years.
The girl thinks she’s beautiful, and boys have to queue up to win her hand and heart.People who want to play Andrea’s future husband must also meet a number of requirements, the most essential of which is money.

“I’m not interested in men who make less than $300,000 per year,” the actress claims.

The girl believes that only a wealthy man can afford to look after a girl as beautiful as her. A man should do more than merely express interest and give presents. He should also pay for all of her costly cosmetic procedures.
“I might die, but I won’t stop,” he declared.

The girl is 22 years old and has been in a coma for a long period. The celebrity currently has the widest lips on record, but she doesn’t intend to stop there. She also wishes to alter her chin. Doctors warn that Andrea’s heart may stop if she undergoes another surgery, but Ivanova is unconcerned:

“I have the best and most beautiful lips.” The only thing left to do is sharpen and lengthen the chin. The doctors say it could kill me, but I’m not worried.
Even if people are cruel to her, the girl is content with her appearance.

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