Lia Thomas is the target of a $2 million lawsuit brought by Riley Gaines: She robbed me of everything I owned.


Riley Gaines, a swimmer at the University of Kentucky, was recently attacked by leftists when she went to speak about swimming against biological male Lia Thomas. Since then, Thomas has responded by calling Gaines a “entitled little brat.”

Gaines is too polite to answer to these personal attacks, so she told her lawyers to move up the date of the case she was planning to file. Gaines is suing Thomas for $2 million, saying that Thomas’s scam has caused him pain and suffering and will make him money in the future.

Thomas replied by posting a video to TikTok of herself mooning Gaines. This showed that her hormone treatments haven’t quite fixed the amount of hair around her bunghole. “That makes it so much funnier,” Thomas said.

Gaines hired Thomas Bagger as her personal lawyer, and she plans to call every swimmer in the pool that day. “Thomas didn’t just win the race. She stole a moment I had been waiting for my whole life.”

Through her assistant, Joe Barron, Thomas told reporters that she was very sorry about what happened. “Not about the tie,” Thomas said. “I worked hard for that.” I’m talking about how your big moment was coming in fifth place at a National Championship in a single event. Honey, I didn’t even know your name until yesterday.”

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