There was a slaughter. 50% of Fox News viewers stopped watching after Tucker Carlson was sacked.


After popular host Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News, there was a big change in the media scene. According to reports, Fox News lost half of its viewers. In a recent interview, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly talked about the situation and said that what happened next was a “bloodbath” for the network.

Tucker Carlson, a right TV star and commentator, has been a mainstay on Fox News for a long time. His show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” got good numbers for the network every time it aired. But his controversial and divisive views were often in the news and led to heated discussions on and off the show.

Fox News decided to end Carlson’s deal after he did a number of things that the network thought went too far. Even though the exact reasons why he was fired have not been made public, it is thought that the decision was made because businesses and the public were getting more and more upset about some of his more controversial comments.
Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News reporter who now runs her own show and media company, talked about what happened after Tucker Carlson was fired in a recent interview. She worried about the future of the network and how losing such a well-known person would affect it:

“It’s a terrible mess. After firing Tucker Carlson, Fox News lost half of its viewers. It’s a huge setback for the network and a sign that they need to rethink their plans for the future.”

Since Tucker Carlson left, the number of people watching Fox News has dropped by a lot. As one of the most famous conservative speakers on TV, his departure has left a hole that the network is trying to fill. This has caused more conservative media outlets to start competing with each other, which has made the conservative media scene even more fragmented.

Tucker Carlson’s firing from Fox News has had a big effect on the network’s ratings and the number of people who watch it generally. Megyn Kelly’s words show how big this event is and how hard it is for Fox News to do its job now in a very competitive media world. As the network tries to grow its following and keep its power, it will have to think carefully about its next steps and the voices it chooses to highlight in the future.

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