This girl spent a lot of money to look like a Barbie, and some have said, “She doesn’t look like a real person at all.”


Now that she looks like a doll, the girl can’t find a job.

A young girl lives in Budapest. She spent several thousand dollars to look like a doll. Because of how she looks, no one wants to hire her.

The girl says that she has loved these dolls since she was a child, and when she was 17, she chose to do her first operation.

Then she kept doing more and more surgeries on herself until she thinks she looks like her favorite doll.

Then, in 2016, she met her husband, who also had plastic surgery and wanted to look like a toy.

The girl says that she used to work as a secretary, but she quit because she was sure that everyone hated her because of how she looked.

She says that not everyone likes the way she looks, but she loves it when all men look at her and respect her. Now that she got divorced in 2019, she wants to find a new husband.
She says with confidence that she doesn’t want to stop and needs to have more surgery and cosmetic treatments.

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