A former Fox News anchor makes Tucker Carlson a job offer and promises that “the two of us will tear it up.”


After Fox News dismissed Tucker Carlson on Monday, Glenn Beck, a former Fox News personality and current CEO of Blaze Media, offered Carlson a position.

Both parties were shocked when Fox News informed fans and Carlson on Monday that they were parting ways.

The reason for Carlson’s firing was not disclosed by the company, and the former host of its most watched prime-time programme has not made any public comments regarding it.

“Fox News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways,” the network said in a statement that apparently came 10 minutes after Carlson was let go.

At the end of the message, it said, “We thank him for his work as a host and before that as a contributor.”
Beck, who became a big deal at Fox News in 2008, talked about the move to fire Tucker Carlson on his radio show.

Beck made a public job offer on the show as he and Stu Burguiere talked about the shocking move.

Beck said, “We would love to have you here,” which was meant for Carlson.

“You won’t miss a beat,” he said. And the two of us will make a mess of it. Just rip it apart.”

Burguire thought that doing this would be “fascinating,” and Beck agreed with him.

Beck said, “I really think that will kill Fox.” “I know a lot of people who, you know, kind of still like Fox. They also watch the other programs. But they say things like, “Tucker, Tucker, Tucker is the only one I really trust.”

“You lose Tucker,” the host said in the end.

Beck then said that Fox News is part of the “mainstream media” and that it would have been stupid for the network to let Carlson leave or even fire him.

He asked, “Where are you going to get the truth?” “Tucker was the only person in the mainstream media who I thought was telling America the truth,” she said.

Beck only worked for Fox News for three years before he quit in 2011.

In recent years, he has said that the network will fall apart.

Beck said in 2017 as the network dealt with the departures of Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes, “It’s not going away right away, but you can see a big change.”

Carlson is said to have hired the famous lawyer Bryan Freedman, who is an expert in media “breakups,” People say that the lawyer helped Megyn Kelly get a payout of $69 million when she left NBC News.

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