Before joining “One Direction,” Niall Horan auditioned for “X Factor” at the age of 16… View the video below…


Niall Horan was a member of “One Direction,” one of the most successful boy bands of all time. The extended version now includes Niall’s initial audition for “The X Factor.” He appeared on the show before becoming a major celebrity.

When the judges question why Niall is on stage, he responds, “I’m here to be the best artist I can be.” Niall claims to be 16 and from Mullingar, Ireland.

“And Niall, what makes you different from everyone else?” they inquire. “Why do you think you’ve got the X-Factor?” Niall claims he’s ready to have shows and recordings that sell out and become as well-known as the judges.

The judges ask him to imagine himself as a famous musician. “I’ll give Justin Bieber a shot,” Niall offers. When they inquire if he’s afraid, he responds, “Absolutely not!” “Is this going to make you really popular at school?” Katy Perry wonders. Niall responds, “I suppose Kate, yeah.” She laughs at his confidence, so he tells her he’ll sing “You Got It Bad” by Usher.

His singing is scratchy, and the song does not suit him. The expressions on the judges’ faces reveal what they are thinking. The audience, on the other hand, adores him and claps along with him until Simon orders him to leave and the music stops.

Katy informs him that all he needs to do is practise, and she offers him her support. He also performs a couple other short songs. “I think you didn’t come prepared,” Simon adds in the conclusion. I don’t believe you brought the appropriate song. You are not as intelligent or talented as you believed. “However, I still like you.”

Niall receives two “Yes” votes from the boys, which is unexpected, and Katy must make the ultimate decision. She responds, “Yes.” He leaps to his feet and cries in delight, and the rest is history.

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