Cute little child enjoys a good time while shopping for paint… View the video below…


We observe a father and a boy at the beginning of this film. They went shopping at Home Depot today with filmmaker Anita Mander. They need to get some paint for a task.

Most individuals dislike picking out a new paint colour. There may appear to be almost too many alternatives. Did you know, for example, that there are over 150,000 different types of white paint?

Brock, the youngster, is unaware of the difficulty and tension that often accompany decision-making. He’s only interested in the many colours!

Brock gives the woman behind the camera a paint colour card in the video and then retains one for himself.
“What’s this one?” asks the man who is holding him. When he notices a new colour, Brock’s face lights up.

He takes the colour card since the new colour fascinates him. Brock places the two cards next to each other and examines them before discarding the older one.

The tiny boy discovers another colour and is so taken with it that he is speechless. The man laughs and says he is “shaking so much” with happiness. Brock is still captivated by the wall in front of him, which is painted in various colours.
We hope Brock will continue to enjoy painting as much as he does now as he grows older. He might be able to make a livelihood from it. People say that if you enjoy your job, it isn’t “work.” Brock will never have to work again if he maintains his enthusiasm for painting.

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